The World's Most Powerful Light-Weight DBAL

Release Plans

So things are coming along nicely, and I’m about half way done with the documentation. However, there’s a lot more testing and development to do to make DB::DBAL the best DBAL in the world. To accomodate this, I’ve thrown together a quick release schedule – which is tentative and may change as we go.

Unfortunately, due to being just absolutely swamped, this schedule has been updated to reflect that I no longer have a schedule.

TBD: Stable Beta Release

A stable beta will be released for further development and testing. This is not intended for production, but simply to be a solid base for the community development release.

TBD: Community Development Release

In order to be the best DB::DBAL must withstand peer review. This will be a key make or break day in the project as we get more developers involved and start spreading the word.

TBD: Release Candidate 1

My goal is to get the first release candidate released before the end of some month, letting developers use DB::DBAL in development and help us find bugs and solidify it for release into production environments.

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